Are your carpet cleaning chemicals harmful?

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Now a days more and more people are becoming concerned with the stuff they eat, the products they use and most importantly the stuff they bring into their homes. So you are not alone in asking this question.  This question in particular has brought up quite a bit of talk in the carpet cleaning industry. Although, some chemicals are made [...]

Carpet Cleaning in Palm Beach Gardens

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Hello all, just wanted to remind everyone we do offer our services in Palm Beach Gardens. Some of us live in PBG and most of us know someone that lives in PBG so make sure to tell you friends about us. So if you or your friends need carpet cleaning in palm beach gardens, make [...]

Ring Around The Room

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  Remember the popular Wisk laundry detergent  commercials from the 70’s... Ring around the collar? “Those ugly stains. You’ve tried soaking them out and scrubbing them out, but you still end up with… ring around the collar.” There is a phenomenon in the carpet cleaning industry that could easily be called, “ring around the room,”  [...]

How do I get the cat hair off my couch?

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First vacuum the excess hair off. Then, grab a pan of water and put on a pair of latex gloves. Dip your gloved hand into the water and shake off any excess. Simply run your hand over the upholstery. The hair should stick like a magnet. Wipe the hair from the glove and repeat the [...]

A case of “Ugly Out”

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Did you know that carpeting is a textile, just like upholstery, linens and clothing?  When people pay $50 for a pair of jeans, they do not get upset when the knees eventually become faded and worn.  Some of the same people seem to think that their carpet should last a lifetime. Wear is caused by [...]