So, with all the different companies to choose from, who will you choose?

Well, of course, you could just start making phone calls, but how do you know what you are going to get?

Are you just going to call some random company and say come clean my floors with out any info on them? (Hopefully not)

Are you going to call ALL of the 400+ companies in this area? (If you do, please call me and if you can actually prove that you did (even 1/4 of them) we will probably clean your house for free)

Carpet, Oriental Rug & Tile Cleaning, Marble Polishing in Palm Beach Gardens and Jupiter
Carpet, Oriental Rug & Tile Cleaning, Marble Polishing in Palm Beach Gardens and Jupiter

Then, when you do call, how do you know which one to choose? So many questions.

  • Maybe, you’ll pick one with the nicest website?
  • Maybe, you’ll pick one, because they offer a low price?
  • How about the company that has been around the longest?
  • Can you trust this company or that one?
  • Will they do a good job?
  • Will I get cheated out of my money?

There are so many question to ask yourself. Where should do you begin?

If you are like most people you will want to be able to trust the company you hire, and not get taken advantage of. Right? 

That means: 

Will the show up on time?

Will the respect me and my home?

Are they going to change the price on me?

There are so many questions you could ask in addition to how much it cost. But, how do you ask them?

It’s possible you call and say “hey are you going to rummage through my bedroom drawers and steal my underwear?” (Yes, there are news reports of this happening, with carpet cleaners, on video).

Most people will want a company that does not do that, and covers all of the basis, but how will you know?

But what usually happens? They pick up the phone, make a few calls, and ask “how much will it will cost?” This is common, and helps limit the loss if the company does a crappy job. 

It would be great if you were buying a box of cereal. Because no matter where you get your Peanut Butter Captain Crunch©, it’s still PB Captain Crunch©. Unlike buying cereal (a commodity), hiring a carpet cleaner might have a few more variables . You wont always get the same thing.