So, with all the different companies to choose from, whom will you choose?

Well, of course, you could just start making phone calls, but how do you know what you are going to get? Are you just going to call some random company and say come clean my floors with out any info on them?  (Hopefully not) Are you going to call ALL of the 400+ companies in this area? (If you do, please call me and if you can actually prove that you did (even 1/4 of them) we will probably clean your house for free)

Then, when you do call, how do you know which one to choose? So many questions.

  • Maybe, you’ll pick one with the nicest website?
  • Maybe, you’ll pick one, because they offer a low price?
  • How about the company that has been around the longest?
  • Can you trust this company or that one?
  • Will they do a good job?
  • Will I get cheated out of my money?

There are so many question to ask yourself. Where should do you begin?