So, with all the different companies to choose from, whom will you choose?

Well, I am happy to assist you on your way to choosing the right company.

Well, of course, you could just start making phone calls, but how do you know what you are going to get? Are you just going to call some random company and say come clean my floors with out any info on them? Are you going to call ALL of the 200+ companies in this area?

Then, when you do call, how do you know which one to choose? So many questions.

  • Maybe, you’ll pick one with the nicest website?
  • Maybe, you’ll pick one, because they offer a low price?
  • How about the company that has been around the longest?
  • Can you trust this company or that one?
  • Will they complete the job?
  • Will I get cheated out of my hard earned money?

There are so many question to ask yourself. Where should I begin? I am offering a way to find the best company to suit your needs… Even if it’s not this one!

Here are some good techniques to finding the right company:

  1. Ask your friends and family. They usually have an excellent choice. Find out if they were absolutely thrilled, or was it “Just Ok”.
  2. If they don’t have someone to recommend, check online review sites (look for a company that has a lot of reviews.) This is a way to see what the public community is saying about them.
  3. When you call, find out if you can meet them before the work starts. Allow an in home inspection or a free in person estimate. If they won’t give you that short amount of time, how are they gonna give you the proper amount of time to do the work? Plus, you can have a written proposal of the work to be completed and they can’t change the price, after it is in writing.
  4. Don’t always trust over the phone estimates. Some companies that offer this, will offer a price that gets them in the door, and then when they arrive, tell you “it’s going to cost more.” In most cases the customer will have set aside an allotted time for this and won’t want to reschedule, so they wind up paying the higher price. This is what the company wants. You have fallen into their trap.
  5. Don’t always trust what they say. Of course, everyone ‘”thinks” their the best, few can be.
  6. Ask to see references and some photos of their work. Any good cleaner will document their work (for bragging rights, of course)

Now, what questions should you ask:

  1. What methods and type of equipment do you use? There are many different methods, and many different types of equipment to use. Carpet manufactures recommend Hot Water Extraction, also know as “Steam Cleaning”, by a Truck Mounted piece of equipment. In some cases a portable is necessary, it is the same concept.
  2. How long will the process take? This is a good question, so you know how much time you will need out of the day.
  3. How long will my carpets stay damp? With improved technology over the last few years, and considering the company has your interest in mind, your carpet or upholstery should should NOT hold moisture beyond a few hours. 12 hours is too much. 5-6 is average and some of the better companies are averaging 2 or less. Tile floors should be dry with in a few minutes. Ask so you will know.
  4. How do you charge? There are two main methods to charging. One, is by the room. In some cases, this method works, but not all. Not all room sizes are the same. Some people do not feel comfortable paying the same price for their guest bedroom as they do for their over sized living room. The other method, is by the square foot. It is the most accurate way to price, as you are covering the different room size concern. Also, going
    back to the ‘meeting the company before you hire them’ point mentioned before, this will allow the homeowner that opportunity, because they have to measure the areas.
  5. Do you offer any guarantees? This should be the homeowners #1 concern, period. If a company cannot offer a guarantee, what does that say about their service?

Finally, the reasons you should NOT choose a company:

  1. They have been in business to for a long time. If some one started a bad habit at age 12 and never changed it, at age 50, don’t they still have the same bad habit. Time does not change things, people do. Just because some one has been doing something for a long time, if they have been doing it wrong, does the length of time they’ve been doing it make them good?
  2. We’re the best! Really? Says who? Says you? Like it was stated before, everyone thinks they’re the best. Few really can be. Check them out, first.
  3. Price, and price alone. It is understandable, especially now-a-days, that everyone wants a good deal, but nothing is worse than spending money on something only to realize you should have spent the little bit of extra money to get the quality item or service. Everyone has been there. Just do some research on the company. A little can go a long way.

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